About Zalmi

Zalmi Klyne joined Northmarq at the beginning of 2020 and serves as managing director of Northmarq’s Los Angeles office. During his first year at Northmarq, Zalmi was awarded with the “Newcomer of the Year” and was selected to serve on the Northmarq Producer’s Council. 

He specializes in working with family offices/high-net worth individuals, syndications, and private investors, where he structures financing for all asset classes, deal sizes and lender types. His entrepreneurial drive, forward thinking and customer-centric focus has contributed to his $2+ billion in closed transactions and over 137 deals closed in his first two years at Northmarq.

Prior to Northmarq, Zalmi served as an executive vice president at Continental Partners, a Los Angeles based independent brokerage shop.

Zalmi attained his Rabbinic Ordination from the Rabbinical College of Jerusalem. He is fluent in Hebrew and is now in a non-practicing role as he continues to mentor and counsel both students and adults in the faith. 

He is a licensed real estate salesperson in the state of California.

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